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E-Magazine of School

The E-Magazine of SAFFRON PUBLIC SCHOOL is really an amazing white board that presents plethora of tasks and motivate the facilitators as well as the students to show case their skills. Swipe to flip the pages of the E-Magazine. Click

Mother’s Day by Kids

Gaurav Bhadrdwaj

Admission No : SPS/2350/14 Name GAURAV BHADRDWWAJ Father’s Name DEV RATAN BHARDWAJ Date of Birth 15-Feb-2010 Class IV

Arihant Bhardwaj

Admission No : SPS/3487/17 Name ARIHANT BHARDWAJ Father’s Name DEV RATAN BHARDWAJ Date of Birth 14-FEB-2013 Class I

Sudhanshu Singh

Admission No : SPS/3415/17 Name SUDHANSHU SINGH Father’s Name VIMAL KUMAR SINGH Date of Birth 23-JUNE-2003 Class X


Admission No : SPS/961/11 Name PIYUSH SHARMA Father’s Name RAM BILAS SHARMA Date of Birth 06/03/2004 Class X

4th Founder’s Day Carnival images link.


Admission No : SPS/1968/13 Name Amit Rexwal Father’s Name Santvir Date of Birth 10/11/2006 Class V

Rahul Upadhyay

Admission No : SPS/1397/12 Name Rahul Upadhyay Father Name Vishnu Upadhyay Date of Birth 10/04/2000 Class X


Admission No : sps/1688/13 Name Ritik Roshan Father Name Maheshwar Kumar Date of Birth 14/11/2001 Class IX

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