When the closed entrance doors still remind you of your first day
When your eyes still glitter with same shine on spotting your favourite class window
When everytime you come across someone in that same uniform which was once yours too
When an unexpected meet with your teacher leaves you all smiles
It’s then you know , you have left behind the best days of your life !

Having passed out this phase of life,  when for a moment I look back and  take sneak-peak  inside the Pandora box of my schooldays , I feel greatful for all those little moments of laughter , fun , teamwork and don’t mind but even the scoldings too ! Till day , Saffron is not just a name rather a homecall to all of us Saffronites who have experienced shaping of life’s journey in the warmth of guidance and concern we received here.
From class presentations to walking all way to dias , organising and participating in co-curriculars , putting our skills to best use , strengthening subject knowledge, participating and reparing for events-  School has immensely contributed and still contributing in overall development of each individual who enters its premises.
The day my 5 year old self entered knocked on the door of nursery class- “may I come in ma’am ” to that momentum day of closing the doors of our 12th class and bidding farewell to teachers-    we were not just going through , rather growing through life …

2) Manvi Mishra , Currently pursuing English honours from Dyal Singh College, Delhi University.

3) School batch – (2020 -2021)

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